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Management Consulting

Today’s business is all about maintaining a steady focus and hitting the bull’s eye each time, over and over again. It is just not enough to deliver the right experiences to the right people. One has to do it when the time is perfect. Aligning business goals with the right timing in order to experience maximum positive outcome is what our formidable experts at Alchemy excel at achieving with every client.

We believe in building capabilities within the boundaries of businesses and connecting those capabilities to business vision and goals. Winning at every stage of the journey is a daunting task, especially for a new or a fledgling business. At Alchemy, we strengthen the core functionalities of an organisation by helping its people identify, develop, implement and execute winning strategies. Each company has unique and complex roadblocks that stunt its growth at various levels. Our team identifies the source of such roadblocks and flushes it out to bring the company back to its healthy self. Be it leadership issues, organisational restructuring or setting up a brand new vision, we, at Alchemy offer our support at every stage of the strategic journey of our customer.

The Alchemy Advantage Our Expertise

Our multifaceted, multidisciplinary services include, but are not limited to-:


  • Vision Strategy - Alchemy helps bring clarity to an organisation’s vision and transform the vision into reality by devising a strategy roadmap for a sustainable business growth.
  • Business Strategy - Among the few things that a business needs, strategy tops the list. Be it a small startup or a multi-million dollar venture, every business should have a crystal clear strategic planning that includes knowledge of present standing, roadmap for growth and future projections. Our strategy experts at Alchemy partner with you to develop clear business goals, a roadmap for achieving them and tools and means for analyzing and measuring every progress.
  • Leadership strategy - A healthy and united leadership always empowers team members with a sense of purpose that drives positive outcome. We, at Alchemy, help businesses develop meaningful strategies that facilitate in engaging top management to work together and achieve far more than individual efforts could achieve. By aligning organisation’s leadership vision and culture with business strategies, our consultants are able to close gaps and identify shortcomings.
  • Execution Strategy - It is not enough to create a roadmap for business growth. It is equally important to see it through every stage of its execution. At Alchemy, we believe that superior strategy execution is the most essential factor for driving results. By aligning the entire workforce of an organisation to the strategy, the team has a definite purpose that helps the company gain better results, faster.
  • Organisational Restructuring

    When an organisation’s existing goals and strategy fail to deliver expected results, it is time for repositioning of the organisation’s strategic focus. Our team of experts at Alchemy uses best practices to assist in changing the key internal structures of an organisation that include legal, ownership, operational, workforce and other structures, if any, that are typical to that organisation. By aligning structure to strategy, reducing complexity, creating feasible roles and focusing on core activity, we help a failing organization get back on the road to success.

    For a successful deployment of any strategy, it is vital to align the entire team to its goals by understanding the personalities of team members and imparting necessary training, when required. Alchemy helps facilitate seamless restructuring by aligning the team to the new structure of the organization.

    International Standards Training

    It is crucial for an organisation to accomplish the benchmarks and standards established by the various International Boards of Standards. Our consultants offer training to our customers for achieving these certificates by successfully meeting the standards of the auditing boards.

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