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Empowering an individual by bringing out the hidden strengths and erstwhile undiscovered capabilities from within is an ability that our experts at Alchemy excel at. Through "Insta Wealth", our signature package of cutting-edge mentoring programs, we facilitate self-discovery and powerful change in individuals at different stages of their professional lives.

We use the tried and proven methodology of 'Experiential Learning through Discovery' that helps in empowering the individual through discovery of potential within. A series of individual and group exercises imparted via uniquely designed mentoring modules allows individuals to explore their hidden talents and thereby multiply their confidence on making such life-changing discoveries.

We have multi-faceted professionals with decades of rich and hardcore exposure in Mentoring, HR, Sales, Customer service, along with operations in sectors namely Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Advertising, Information Technology, BPO, Service, Travel, Infrastructure Development, Real Estate, and EXIM in India, U.A.E & Italy.

Our subject matter experts, hailing from UK, US and India, pool in their expertise to prepare crisp and precise training workshops based on organizational needs and areas of focus. Their years of experience in the field of coaching add invaluable insights that result in the success of our mentoring programs.

The Alchemy Advantage

We offer extensive coaching in two categories:

  • Business Coaching – We offer corporate coaching to senior management and owners of SMEs through this module
  • Personal Coaching – Our team caters to individual training needs with the help of this module